September 13, 2016

Rights of Light, Daylight, Sunlight and Overshadowing

Free quoteRIGHTS OF LIGHT = Easement that an aperture can acquire by being in place for 20 years. The easement allows the owners the right to receive a minimum amount of light through the aperture and into a room. This includes a right to the light that passes over neighbouring land. If a property experiences a loss of light down to 50 percent, or what is deemed ‘adequately lit’, the owner may seek an injunction or attempt to negotiate a compensation fee. Anderson Wilde & Harris have experience with Rights of Light matters for all respective parties and are able to provide assessments and surveys using 3-D modelling to negotiate compensation settlements.

DAYLIGHT, SUNLIGHT AND OVERSHADOWING = Planning considerations which differ from Rights of Light. Planners from the local council may be concerned about the potential loss of light to neighbouring properties as a result of new developments. Homeowners may fear they will suffer a loss of daylight or sunlight if their homes, yards, or gardens are overshadowed by new development. As such, Anderson Wilde & Harris can provide in-depth analysis, calculations and reports for the developer. Utilizing guidelines set forth by the Building Research Establishment’s guide to good practices, we also measure your Vertical Sky Component and Average Daylight Factor to guarantee you meet all requirements.

BENEFITS OF OUR SERVICE = Here at Anderson Wilde and Harris we have the benefit of an in-house CAD team. This gives us the advantage of quick and clear communication when preparing or amending 3D models whether you’re a homeowner, neighbour, or developer, we can help you determine if and to what extent, you’ll be infringing on the Rights of Light of adjoining owners. Through years of experience we are able to provide you with detailed analysis and advice by establishing strong communication from beginning to end; and if there is an infringement, we can negotiate for compensation for the “release of light”.



• When Do I Need A Daylight And Sunlight Report? Planners from the local council may be concerned by the impact large developments or developments in built up areas will have on the light in the neighbouring properties. If they are, then they may request a Daylight and Sunlight report to demonstrate that the neighbours won’t be affected.

• Is A Daylight And Sunlight Report Different To A Rights Of Light Report? Yes. A Daylight and Sunlight report is different to a Rights of Light report. Daylight and sunlight are planning considerations. Rights of Light is a common law right. During the planning process planners are usually only concerned with planning considerations.

• How Much Does A Daylight And Sunlight Report Cost? This depends on the size of the development and the number of neighbouring properties that need to be considered as part of the assessment.


What Makes Us The Right Choice for Daylight Sunlight and Rights of Light?

Experience =
Anderson Wilde & Harris have been experts in Daylight Sunlight and Rights of Light for over 15 years.

In-House Capability =
All of our 3D modelling and preparation of technical data is produced in-house.

Qualified Experts =
Each of our specialist members of staff are highly-qualified Chartered Building Surveyors, specialising in Daylight, Sunlight and Rights of Light.

Expert Witness Expertise =
Anderson Wilde & Harris have been appointed by the President of RICS to act as expert witness in high-profile legal cases, including Rights of Light.
We are regularly appointed by law courts as experts in high profile cases.
We are regularly appointed and recommended by solicitors as experts in Daylight Sunlight and Rights of Light.

Standards of Work =
We abide by the highest standards of professional conduct demanded by our governing body the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS).
All of our reports follow the guidance laid out by BRE (Building Research Establishment) and produced by Dr. Paul Littlefair.
It this standard that local authority planning departments look for from Daylight Sunlight and Overshadowing assessments submitted with planning applications.

Professional Indemnity =
Our clients receive the additional protection of £25million of Professional Indemnity (PI) insurance.

How Do We Help Planners, Architects and Developers? =
We are happy to work with architects and planning consultants to help their scheme to pass through planning.

Coverage =
We work nationally.

Do You Need Advice? =
All of our advice is offered free. We only charge for work from instruction.